Manuel Mayer

Position British Heart Foundation Senior Fellow, Professor of Cardiovascular Proteomics, King’s College London.
Research Collaborator with Professor Marjan Jahangiri at St. George’s

Academic and Professional Degrees MD, PhD

Major external roles

2007 – 2013 Associate Editor for the Journal of Molecular Cellular Cardiology
2014 – 2017 Associate Editor for Cardiovascular Research
2011 – present Leadership committee of the AHA – Council on Functional Genomics and Translational Biology
2011 – present Nucleus Member of the European Society of Cardiology – Working Group on Myocardial Function
Member of Editorial Board: Circulation, Circ Res, ATVB, and Molecular Cellular Proteomics
2017 – present President of the British Atherosclerosis Society

National and international awards

2002 – Michael Davies Young Investigator Award, British Atherosclerosis Society
2007 – Inaugural Michael Davies Early Career Award, British Cardiovascular Society
2010 – John French Lecturer, Joint BAS/BSCR meeting within Annual Meeting of British Cardiovascular Society
2010 – Inaugural Bernard and Joan Marshall Research Excellence Prize
2011 – Circulation Research Best Manuscript Award
2013 – Outstanding Achievement Award, European Society of Cardiology

t: 02074845446

Selected Publications

Zampetaki A, Kiechl S, Drozdov I, Willeit P, Mayr U, Prokopi M, Mayr A, Weger S, Oberhollenzer F, Bonora E, Shah A, Willeit J, Mayr M. Plasma microRNA profiling reveals loss of endothelial miR-126 and other microRNAs in type 2 diabetes. Circ Res. 2010;107:810-7. (Plus editorial & Circ Res best manuscript award, 928 citations)

Barallobre-Barreiro J, Didangelos A, Schoendube FA, Drozdov I, Yin X, Fernández-Caggiano M, Willeit P, Puntmann VO, Aldama-López G, Ajay M. Shah AM, Doménech N, Mayr M. Proteomics analysis of cardiac extracellular matrix remodeling in a porcine model of ischemia- reperfusion injury. Circulation. 2012,125(6):789-802. (Plus editorial & F1000, 113 citations)

Zampetaki A, Willeit P, Tilling L, Drozdov I, Prokopi M, Renard JM, Mayr A, Weger, Schett G, Shah A, Boulanger C, Willeit J, Chowienczyk P, Kiechl S, Mayr M. Prospective study on circulating microRNAs and risk of myocardial infarction. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2012; 24;60(4):290-9. (Plus editorial & focus issue on biomarkers, 251 citations)

Willeit P, Zampetaki A, Dudek K, Kaudewitz D, King AS, Kirkby NS, Crosby-Nwaobi R, Prokopi M, Drozdov I, Langley S, Sivaprasad S, Markus HS, Mitchell JA, Warner T, Kiechl S, Mayr M. Circulating microRNAs as novel biomarkers for platelet activation. Circ Res. 2013;112:595-600. (Plus editorial, 179 citations)

Stegemann C, Pechlaner R, Willeit P, Langley S, Mangino M, Mayr U, Menni C, Moayyeri A, Santer P, Rungger G, Spector TD, Willeit J, Kiechl S, Mayr M. Lipidomics profiling and risk of cardiovascular disease in the prospective population-based Bruneck Study. Circulation. 2014;129(18):1821-31. (Plus editorial, 128 citations)

Pechlaner R, Tsimikas S, Yin X, Willeit P, Baig F, Santer P, Oberhollenzer F, Egger G, Witztum JL, Alexander VJ, Willeit J, Kiechl S, Mayr M. Very-low density lipoprotein-associated apolipoproteins predict cardiovascular events and are lowered by inhibition of apoC-III. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2017, 69(7):789-800. (Plus editorial, 11 citations)

Langley S, Willeit K, Didangelos A, Matic Ljubica, Skroblin P, Barallobre-Barreiro J, Lengquist M, Rungger G, Kapustin A, Kedenko L, Molenaar C, Lu R, Barwari T, SunaG, Yin X, Iglseder B, Paulweber B, Willeit P, Shalhoub J, Pasterkamp G, Davies AH, Monaco C, Hedin U, Shanahan CM, Willeit P, Kiechl S, Mayr M. Extracellular matrix proteomics identifies molecular signature of symptomatic carotid plaques. J Clin Invest. 2017, 127(4):1546-1560. (6 citations)

Suna G, Wojakowski W, Lynch M, Barallobre-Barreiro J, Yin X, Mayr U, Baig F, Lu R, Fava M, Hayward R, Molenaar C, White SJ, Roleder T, Milewski K, Gasior P, Buszman PP, Buszman PE, Jahangiri M, Shanahan C, Hill JM, Mayr M. Extracellular matrix proteomics reveals interplay of aggrecan and aggrecanases in vascular remodeling of stented coronary arteries. Circulation. 2018;137(2):166-183.


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