Dr Anne Child

Dr Anne Child of the St Georges Institute of Aortic Aneurysm and Aortic Valve DiseasePosition Reader in Cardiovascular Genetics
Academic and Professional Degrees MD, MPhil, FRCP
Elected Member of Professional Societies BSGM, ASHG

Professional Statement
Dr Anne Child, MD FRCP, is a cardiovascular geneticist with 25 years clinical experience in diagnosis, management and research into the many manifestations of Marfan syndrome and other aortopathies. She is author of over 120 scientific papers, has contributed 600 genotype-phenotype correlations to the literature, and through the Genetic Testing Network UK encourages patients to use molecular genetic screening to ensure unaffected offspring. As Medical Director of the Marfan Trust (www.marfantrust.org), she supervises research in the Sonalee Laboratory for Marfan syndrome and related disorders at St George’s, University of London. Writing and speaking about aortopathies is aimed at raising awareness, and ensuring early diagnosis and correct medical and surgical management to enhance the quality of life, and prolong average life expectancy for this high risk population.

Her clinical interest include: diagnosis and management of familial thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection. Discovering new genes for the disorders using genome sequencing.

Selected publications
Pitcher A, Emberson J, Lacro R, Sleeper L, Stylianou M, Pearson G, Groenink M, Mulder B, Zwinderman, A, De Backer J, De Paepe A, Arbustini E, Erden G, Jinxy, Flather M, Mullen M, Child AH et al. 2015 Design and rationale of a prospective, collaborative meta-analysis of all randomized controlled trials of angiotensin receptor antagonists in Marfan syndrome, based on individual patient data: a report from the Marfan Treatment Trialists’ Collaboration. Am Heart J. 2015;169:605-612.

Child AH, Aragon-Martin JA, Sage K. Genetic testing in Marfan syndrome. Br J Hosp Med 2016; 77: 38-41.

Child AH (Editor). Diagnosis and Management of Marfan Syndrome. Springer. 2016 April. (Author/co-author 8 chapters).

Bilkhu R, Yousseffi P, Soppa G, Sharma R, Child A, Edsell M, Van Besouw J-P, Jahangiri M. Aortic Root Surgery: Does High Surgical Volume and a Consistent Perioperative Approach Improve Outcome? Sem Thor Cardio Surgery 2016;22: 1-8.

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