Julian Webb

My name is Julian Webb and I am a Consultant in Emergency Medicine.

I had an aortic root replacement in 2010. This sort of surgery is a major event in anyone’s life, but perhaps when you are “in the trade” you have a greater understanding of the risks involved and the skill required to get you through it.

It was inevitably a rather worrying time, but my care was magnificent and I am here now as well as ever, and continue to enjoy my life to the full. I have much be grateful for, and many to be grateful too.

If I was asked to use one word to describe my experience it would be “humbling”. We will all remember some of the team, but we certainly won’t remember all of them.  Of course there are those you never meet, not just the theatre and technical staff who metaphorically and physically carry you, but the untold years of research by untold people who made it all possible.

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