Advisory Group

We’re fortunate to have the support of a group of patients and professionals who share their experience of all stages of treatment with us to inform our work.


Debbie Colson

Debbie has a connective tissue disorder called Loeys-Dietz Syndrome, which weakens arteries. Since 2012 she has had multiple surgeries to address an aortic dissection (a tear in the vessel wall), replace arteries with artificial ones, fit a stent and have her aortic root replaced. 

A year after her final surgery she is fully recovered, feels great and recently did a ten-mile walk.

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Julie-Ann Fisher

In 2017 when Julie-Ann was 37 weeks pregnant, a routine scan found that she had a tear in her aorta and heart valve.

She was rushed to St. George’s Hospital and taken straight in for surgery. Within 20 minutes of having a Caesarean section, she had open heart surgery, followed a week in intensive care.

She has now fully recovered and enjoying life as mum to her two children.

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Dr Laura Quinton 

Dr Laura Quinton trained at University College London Medical School, qualifying as a doctor in 1991. She has a degree in Psychology and holds  Diplomas in Child Health and Naturopathic Nutrition. She is a GP partner at Elborough Street Surgery in Wandsworth, where she has been since 2001.

She teaches medical students from St Georges Hospital. Her interests are lifestyle medicine and nutrition.

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Major General Sir Sebastian Roberts OBE

Sir Sebastian Roberts is a retired senior British Army officer.  Although originally diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome when he was nine, Sebastian was first referred to St George’s in the early 1990s with his son and daughter.

In 2001 a scan identified a serious aneurysm and he was again referred to St George’s, this time surgery to replace a valve.  A few years later he underwent further surgery to replace the aortic arch.

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Dr Julian Webb

Dr Webb is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine. He had an aortic root replacement in 2010. This sort of surgery is a major event in anyone’s life, but as someone “in the trade” he has insight into the risks involved and the skill required to get you through it.

He is grateful both for the magnificent care he received from the team and the untold years of research by people who made it all possible.

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